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Stock Investing Strategies

There's a wide range of investing strategies to suit all types of investors. They range from high risk high return strategies suitable for aggressive investors through to low risk stable return strategies suitable for conservative investors.

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Growth Investing

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Growth Investing is a popular investing strategy with potential for high returns.

Value Investing

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Value investing is popular with bargain hunting investors who love a great deal.

Dividend Investing

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Suited to investors who are patient and prefer a reliable and relatively safe long-term return.

Contrarian Investing

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Contrarian investing is a controversial style of investing that does not follow the crowd.

Investing on Margin

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Borrowing money to invest in stocks can boost your returns, but the risk needs to be managed.

Investing Strategies

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Covers a variety of investing tactics used by investors to improve their returns.

Investor Profiles

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Reports analyzing the various investing strategies commonly used by investors to improve their returns.

Building a Portfolio

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How to set up stock portfolios to suit various investing styles including portfolios from famous investors.

Additional Strategies

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This section covers some of the less common strategies used by stock investors.

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