About StockInvesting.today

StockInvesting.today provides high quality educational and informational content suited to investors and traders who have a desire to improve their own profitability and long-term wealth. The educational content is also suited to finance students who are interested in learning how the stock market functions and its role in the business world.

A large quantity of educational material published in books and on the internet is written by authors who are basically reporters rather than professional stock investors.

That is, they are observers of the markets rather than participants in the markets.

The information that is provided can be questionable or misleading, and sometimes it’s just downright incorrect and/or dangerous.

The articles on this website were written by a professional stock investor who has been investing and trading on the financial markets since 1986. In the stock market, long-term experience provides a broader perspective. Many newer market commentators are only familiar with the stock market’s characteristics in recent years and are often fixated on utilizing only one basic strategy irrespectively of the prevailing market conditions.

The author and founder of StockInvesting.today worked as a financial engineer designing and testing financial market trading systems. As such, he has an in depth knowledge of the various strategies and tactics utilized within the financial markets, and their performance levels in a variety of market conditions.