Speculation & Trading

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Stock Speculation

Stock speculation attracts the imagination of most investors, however most investors have no real understanding of speculation. Investors can enhance their returns by developing a solid understanding of the speculative principles involved.

Speculative Strategies

There’s never a shortage of market participants who are willing to speculate on the next big move. Speculation can be extremely profitable for the investor who picked the winning stock. While the risks can be high they can be managed with risk management tactics.

Stock Options

Stock options can be used for a wide variety of strategies ranging from conservative hedging techniques through to aggressive Options trading strategies. Financially educated investors are familiar with stock options whether they use them or not.

Stock Trading Strategies

Stock trading has a flamboyant image of making quick and easy money and this can be irresistible to investors. Trading can be beneficial but investors need to develop a sound understanding of the trading principles involved.

Trading Analysis

Stock trading requires more than merely placing an order. Investors with a solid understanding of the trading analysis techniques involved are well placed to profit from their technical skills.