How to Invest

" Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing! " Quote from Warrren Buffett - the world's richest investor.

The Stock Market is an intriguing place to invest. It not only provides one of the highest long-term investment returns available, but provides the investor with a sense of empowerment. The feeling of owning part of a corporation can be quite exhilarating. Any wonder why the world’s richest investor Warren Buffett is so passionate about his job.

But for many new investors, they end up going down an entirely different path. A path that often leads to losing money rather than making money. Like the quote from Warrren Buffett goes “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing!”.

Unfortunately for many new investors they start with what essentially amounts to Trading rather than forming a sound investment plan based on building future wealth.

New Investors should start with simple strategies. The articles on Getting Started is a good place to start followed by the Passive Investing articles. As the investor gains some experience they can consider incorporating some Active Investing and Speculative strategies which can potentially provide higher returns, but they require more experience and knowledge to manage the increased risks.

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Getting Started for New Investors

You Create Wealth through Investing but for many people getting started can be a daunting task. We help you set up an investment plan to suit your financial objectives and provide guidance on selecting stocks and funds to suit your investment plan…

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Building Wealth with Passive Investing

Passive Investing is a style of investing that essentially rides the market cycles and involves minimal time in managing a portfolio. This style of investing suits busy investors who want to participate in the stock market, but do not have a lot of spare time to manage their portfolio…

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Active Management Strategies

Active Investing includes management strategies to manage a portfolio for the stocks performance and for the market’s cycles. Active investing also includes speculative strategies that seek short-term price gains. Active investing suits investors with a fair amount of spare time…

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