Stock Trading Strategies

Stock trading has a flamboyant image of making quick and easy money and this can be irresistible to investors. Trading can be beneficial, but investors need to develop a sound understanding of the trading principles involved.

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Swing Trading the Pennant

Trading the Pennant chart pattern is a trading strategy that can lead to quick gains but are harder to find than Flag patterns. Pennants require a small triangle to form after a quick sharp rally.

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High Volume Breakouts to New Highs

Trading high volume breakouts in up trending stocks is a popular strategy amongst position traders. Quite often these breakout stocks pullback to the breakout resistance level which now acts as a support level.

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Intraday Strength

Strong intraday rallies can continue through to the following day and show up on daily charts as wide range days with strong closes.

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The Day Trader

Day trading simply means to enter and exit a position within the same trading day. There are numerous day styles each with different objectives.

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The Swing Trader

Swing trading is a short-term trading style which seeks to trade the rallies in a stock that is trending. Candlestick charting is extremely popular with swing traders.

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